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TIMELINE: The CDC's corrupt history revealed as it pushes mass hysteria to sell dirty vaccines
By sdwells // 2021-04-13
How could it be that we can't trust the CDC? How could a country so strong and efficient have the regulatory agency for disease control and prevention be so insidious that all they care about today is controlling the populace by actually spreading disease? It's always all about money and control, and we have a comprehensive timeline of the CDC's nefarious acts of cruelty and greed, and this timeline dates back to the beginning of the founding of the Center for Damaged Credibility, a.k.a. the CDC. From hoax pandemics to dirty vaccines and biological warfare, the Centers for Disease Control in the USA has a mile-long rap sheet of horrendous crimes, including fraud, felonies and murder, dating back to its founding in Atlanta in 1946.

An inside look at the evil CDC, beginning in 1946

The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet. They support several corrupt industries dating back to 1946. The CDC is supposed to focus attention on food borne pathogens, environmental health and non-infectious diseases like obesity and diabetes. Coincidentally, there were not many cases of cancer or diabetes to speak of in the United States before the CDC was created. Founded just after WWII in the late 1940s, the CDC was first named the "Communicable Disease Center" and was busy fighting mosquitoes by spraying cancer-causing DDT on six million US homes, all in the name of fighting the malaria 'pandemic' of the time. Did the CDC run any safety tests on DDT for the environment, humans, pregnant women, food, anything? Of course they did not or they wouldn't have used it. By 1957, the Center for Damaged Credibility dipped their wick in STD control (sexually transmitted diseases), and widened their efforts to understand more about birth defects, E. coli and biological warfare (yes, they knew back then). Instead of engaging in preventative measures using nutrition, supplements and natural immune system aids, the CDC began what we know today as chronic care management, which means treating symptoms but never preventing or defeating disease. That's how vaccines came into play.

The CDC has known mercury in vaccines is deadly since the beginning

Fatal cases of mercury poisoning were reported as early as 1865. It was proven shortly after that BOTH elemental mercury and methyl-mercury are toxic to the human CNS (central nervous system) and peripheral nervous systems. Just the inhalation of mercury vapors can prove fatal, showing severe damage to normal functioning of human systems, including nerves, digestion and immunity. Here comes the rub. The CDC and EPA both agree that consuming no more than 0.1 micrograms of mercury for each kilogram of your body weight is safe. That equates to a full grown man, average size and weight, consuming 8 micrograms (mcg) of mercury every day. Yet, thimerosal, which is 50 percent mercury, is used in multi-dose flu vaccines, as a preservative, at 25 mcg mercury. So what happens when you give that severe overdose to an infant or a pregnant woman? The CDC knows exactly what happens. They helped build centers for it, called "Planned Parenthood" (also known as black population control centers). The CDC also promotes the use of formaldehyde (embalming fluid), MSG and aluminum in vaccines scheduled for developing children. The aluminum helps the mercury cross the blood/brain barrier, making the mercury even MORE deadly than it already is. That's severely taxing your cleansing organs and central nervous system, and it's all thanks to the CDC.

1955 - 1970: CDC scandals, lies, cover-ups, and lack of safety research

The insidious CDC still promotes the polio vaccine lie today. Way back in 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk, an American virologist, removed the kidneys of rhesus monkeys and incubated those cells with three different strains of Polio virus. Then he deadened it with chemicals. Then he injected it into mice, rabbits and monkeys. Polio cases were on a massive decline already due to hygiene and plumbing advancements, so the timing was perfect. The CDC and Salk announce it to the world -- the cure for Polio. Everyone celebrate by going out and getting inoculated! They injected it into millions of children, with no proof it even worked at all. And that's how the modern-day medicine "miracle of vaccines" lie was born. A pandemic cured in just one month. Halleluiah!

Swine flu hoax of 1976, and then AGAIN in 2008

How easily Americans forget, all doped up on mercury, margarine and canola oil, that the Swine Flu hoax first came in 1976 and was catalyzed by MASS HYSTERIA whipped up by CDC junk scientists hungry for physical and mental control of the populace. The CDC and Congress worked in tandem to vaccinate 45 million Sheeple, unnecessarily, with a vaccine for a disease that already fizzled by the time the shots came out of the lab. Oops. "Better safe than sorry," They always say after huge mistakes. That dirty vaccine resulted in case after case of Guillain-Barre syndrome, which leads to muscle weakness and often paralysis. The swine flu, much like Covid-19, turned out to be normal seasonal virus, like the flu, hyped like swine, in order to sell millions of people on getting dirty vaccines. Turns out the Swine flu wasn't even as dangerous as the seasonal flu, so that pandemic was also planned and created by the CDC. The whole thing unraveled before everyone's eyes, yet everyone forgot, twice. It was a hoax. Then, in 1999, the CDC wasted $22 million on "chronic fatigue syndrome" and embezzled a cool $13 million doing "hepatitis C research." The CDC went rogue and began functioning without Congress, appropriating their own funds wherever they chose to. Can you guess what that leads to?

2014: CDC budget approaches $7 billion, employing 15,000 people

Add in about 6,000 contractors and 150 different occupations and you've got the behemoth of bureaucratic red-tape get-nothing-done agencies. From computer scientists to statisticians and toxicologists, the CDC spends billions upon billions of dollars to tell Americans to shoot mercury into their veins and wear masks all day and night to prevent disease from spreading. After all of that, the very next year, 2015, the CDC admits on national television that the flu shot doesn't even work. This is the same time period when the CDC's top scientist, Dr. William Thompson, blew the whistle on the fraudulent MMR-II vaccine. Thompson confessed while protecting his life with his attorney, and told the world that the CDC buried the evidence of the MMR-II vaccine causing noticeably higher rates of autism in Black boys under age three. They knew it for 10 years before Thompson caved to ethics and blew the whistle.

Also 2014: CDC imports Ebola to Atlanta and New York City, on purpose

Like the bungling idiots of the TV comedy "Three Stooges," the CDC exposed the entire country to deadly Ebola, a disease without a cure that eats you alive from the inside. The CDC told an Ebola nurse, Amber Jay Vinson, to go ahead and fly to Texas because, get this, her fever was below the official mark the CDC just made up of 100.4 degrees. These were the erroneous guidelines for Ebola, just like Covid now. This was October of 2014. Turns out the nurse DID have Ebola, and she was the nurse for Ebola's USA "Ground Zero" case of Ebola, the now-deceased Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan. The CDC flew the nurse of the patient who had just DIED of Ebola, from Ohio to Texas, in order to spread the disease, just like they're spreading Covid into Texas now using infected illegal immigrants. Airplanes themselves are catapults for starting worldwide pandemics and a great vehicle for the CDC to use as a bio-weapon against the American people. The trend continues. Here was the CDC's "preparedness report" (ominous warning) about Ebola traveling to NYC: "New York City (NYC) is a frequent port of entry for travelers from West Africa, a home to communities of West African immigrants who travel back to their home countries, and a home to health care workers who travel to West Africa to treat Ebola patients." Still, the CDC told a doctor who was exposed to Ebola-infected patients that he could go drinking beer at the bowling alley, as long as he didn't come into contact with anyone. How easily we forget the CDC's blatant lies and propaganda.

February, 2016 – Zika virus is detected in Brazil so the White House submits to Congress $1.9 billion emergency money to "prepare" for Zika's spread to the USA

Oh yes, they did. The insidious "shrunken baby head" syndrome is coming soon, everyone run! Get vaccinated or your newborn baby's head will be the size of a tennis ball, forever. As Zika virus spread into 18 of the 26 states in Brazil, scientists behind the scenes discovered that the babies being born with shrunken heads all came from the same district where millions of gallons of chemical pesticide were dumped in/near the drinking water for those inhabitants. Pregnant women were affected most and the babies came out with that specific deformation, having NOTHING whatsoever to do with Zika virus, except for the mass media's fake news narrative in the USA. All scare tactics to sell everyone on getting vaccinated, and it worked then, and it's working right now with Covid-19 and the deadly mRNA vaccine series. By the way, the CDC received $800 million to research the 'clinical patterns' of shrunken-baby-head-syndrome-side-effect of Zika, and they never bothered to discredit the myth. Just pure propaganda and the staging of disease pandemics brought to you by none other than the CDC. Remember Zika Bowl Sunday, the Super Bowl during the Zika Pandemic? Tune your internet frequency to for daily updates on the Center for Damaged Credibility using pathogens to wreck red states so the whole USA can turn communist. Yes, the CDC is "in" on the plan; in fact, they are the nucleus of the "cell" – the terror cell. Sources for this article include: