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The amazing, mind-blowing libtard hypocrisy of Amerika
By sdwells // 2021-03-10
Welcome to the amazing, mind-blowing libtard hypocrisy known as the D.S.C.A. - Disjointed States of Communist America. There are new rules you must live by or face prison time and heavy fines. There are new laws, regulations, and Covid "safety" measures in place to 'protect' you and remove all of your rights and brain activity. Here in libtard country, you are not biologically a male or female, regardless of having a penis or vagina. Forget about chromosomes and the ability (or not) to have babies. Here in communist Amerika, the leader has severe dementia and the nuclear bomb codes, but nobody is allowed to write anything negative about it on social media, or face getting banned, censored, de-funded and blacklisted forever from Fakebook, Twizzler, Insta-idiot, and of course, YouMoronTube.

None of the libtard rules and laws have anything to do with safety or human rights

In case you haven't noticed, not one single libtard rule, procedure, law or Covid regulation has anything whatsoever to do with safety or human rights. Seriously. It's all about creating so much dissonance that the country falls apart, in frustration, under communist rule. Coronavirus is no worse than the flu, and the fake positives, the deaths from other illnesses, and the whole mask-wearing idiocy is here to stay. No American will ever be allowed to go to work, the stores or schools without a mask again. Ever. Why? Communism. It's that simple. Democrats are enforcing communism under the guise of Covid protection and gender-fluid everything, everywhere. Get it? So now, all you peons who are about to be living in desolation, we bring you the dumbest, most insidious, sick and twisted rules for you to live with, at work, at school and wherever you shall try to travel. This is what all those fake ballots from China for Biden has brought to our homeland, sponsored by Obama, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos and the rest of the globalist terror squad.

New Amerikan rules for the moronic peons to lose their minds over

Here are some of the latest changes to our free society:
  • As long as a man wears lipstick and a lady-hairstyle wig, he can go in the little girl's bathroom at Superstores, even if he's on the sex-offender list.
  • A transgender (man with lipstick and a lady's wig on) is legally allowed to punch a female's face in so bad she needs reconstructive surgery, as long as it's part of the mixed martial arts world, in order to support gender fluidity in sports. Yeah, right. Does that mean there's no such thing as domestic violence as long as the 'husband' wears lipstick, high heels, and a wig while kicking the living crap out of his 'wife' or any real female (one with female biological parts) for that matter?
  • Kids can go to school, as long as they never say whether they are boys or girls, wear two masks, stay 6 feet apart, stay inside their plastic cocoons, never socialize and say and post only positive things about all the insanity.
  • Parents can bring their gender-fluid-thinking children, who are pumped full of hormones from food and medicine to make them gay, to the pediatricians and psycho-psychiatrists for help, but the parents must leave the room so the doctors can brainwash the children, as young as three, into switching genders via hormone therapy and surgery that physically and mentally deforms them forever.
  • Doctors in America hate women who breastfeed because it's healthy for the child and ruins the doctor's income, so now nobody is allowed to use the term "breastfeeding" anymore since men aren't born with boobs that milk babies, so it's just not fair! The woke insanity generation is so brainwashed they belong in mental institutions.
  • Doctors in the new dystopian Amerika have no choice, they are legally bound to perform sex organ mutilation and permanently destructive surgery for anyone who wants to add a penis, remove a clitoris, remove breasts, add fake breasts, and any other demented sex changes the libtards demand, all covered by insurance so the country can go broke that much faster.
  • Libtards demand we all respect them, treat them like normal people, and never offend them, but their Chinese Communist rulers they voted for are coming to Amerika to enforce anal swabbing for Covid, like they're already doing to diplomats and Congress shills who travel to China to launder billions of US dollars.
  • Let all of the criminals, including rapists, transgenders and child molesters, out of prison, and allow daycare centers to hire them to teach the toddlers, preschoolers, children and tweens all about gender fluidity while dressed up as drag queens who get on their hands and knees and howl at satan. Yes, it's Drag Queen Story Time, so all you kids gather 'round and learn how to mutilate your body, take cancer-causing hormones, and have sex as soon as possible with anyone who says it's cool. Can the satanic-ritual horns be any more obvious here? Tune your internet dial to for updates on doctors in America trying to go behind parent's backs and 'educate' (brainwash) their children into switching genders or being "gender fluid" so the quack MDs can push their toxic hormone pills on children as young as three. It's just sick. Welcome to the amazing, mind-blowing libtard hypocrisy known as the D.S.C.A. - Disjointed States of Communist America. Help stop the spread of communism and the rise of satanism in the DSCA. Stay smart, respect your God-given gender, and stop the vote-by-mail fraud that dismantled democracy in this country. Sources for this article include: